The year before: 1GM and congress in Jerusalem

It had become 2015, and the year before our congress in Stockholm. The hosts for the general meetings of EABCT and the annual congress was ITA, the Israeli Association for Behavioural-Cognitive Therapy. The first marketing folder for EABCT2016 was finished just the days before the first general meeting in March, so we brought as many of these as we could fit in our luggage to Jerusalem. The folders were then handed to all representatives, and we got a lot of positive feedback. It is common that the hosts of an upcoming EABCT congress has a smaller gift to the representatives. We wanted to honor this tradition, and at the same time making it a part of our congress theme, and not break our budget. The solution was to bring a traditional Swedish staple food – crispbread. It has been baked in Sweden since atleast 500 AD, so we thought it might go well with the roots/historical part of the congress theme, as well as being a bit funny. Our hosts provided a guided tour of the congress venue and many other nice events and surprises during our stay.

Jerusalem by night

A wonderful view of Jerusalem by night from the congress hotel


Going to the 2015 EABCT congress in Jerusalem felt quite a bit serious – this was to be the last congress before ours, and the real countdown had begun! We had a stand at the congress and many people were very interested about coming to Stockholm which made us happy. As the next years hosts we were given the honor of closing the congress at the ending ceremony, and invite everyone to Stockholm next year. We did this by trying to persuade people that Stockholm isn’t as expensive as many think, to show how convinient it is to travel between the airport and the congress venue (which is located right next to the train station), by giving information about our keynotes, and by showing a comedic video about Swedish culture. As we went back to Sweden after the very successful congress in Jerusalem, we knew that it was time to really get down to business and do everything we could to make the Stockholm congress a success.


EABCT reps on tour

The EABCT reps are given a tour of the 2015 congress venue

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