The CBT history timeline – can you help us?

In line with the congress theme Roots and present branches of CBT, the organizing comittee is working on a timeline of CBT history. We have a limit on the length of the timeline, so only the most important historical events should be included, and the timeline should begin with the historical start of CBT and end at present time. When we’ve made drafts of this timeline and asked for feedback, we have found that everyone has different opinions about what should and should not be included. So, we now turn to you with the question: what would you include in a timeline of CBT history?

You can suggest as many or few events on the timeline as you like. And, you are free to choose what kind of historical event you want to include, it may be a specific congress, the founding of an association, a publication of a book or a paper, or something else. For each historical event you suggest, we suggest that you to write a short explanation for why this ought to be included in the timeline of CBT history (an explanation is not mandatory, but increases the likelihood that your suggestion will be accepted). You are also free to include a brief description about yourself and/or a photograph of you. The definitive timeline will be put together by a smaller working group and presented at the congress. Please send your suggestion to no later than July 20th.

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