Solvik – where the magic happened

In the Stockholm archipelago the Medical Association of Stockholm has a place called Solvik, and this is where a lot of the EABCT2016 congress magic happened. The planning of our congress started off with the steering committee, and gradually more people joined different workgroups. A couple of weeks after the 2015 EABCT congress in Jerusalem, it was time for all the people working with the congress to meet for the first time, at Solvik, for an entire weekend.


Gala Dinner group presentation

Johanna, Elin, Jens, Karolina and Christer of the Gala Dinner group giving a presentation about their work

We started by having a series of presentations. The steering committee started by giving an overview of the EABCT and the two host associations, and an accound of the past years planning and preparations. This was then followed by presentations by the people working with the Marketing committee, the Social activities group, the Gala Dinner group, the Sponsorship group, and finally the Expo group. After more than two hours of presentations, everyone was really excited about all that was happening in the different working groups, and we shared a lunch together in the sun.


Expo presentation

Alexander and Nils from the Expo group is comparing the EABCT2016 expo to a historical World fair


Open space

The Open Space agenda on the left, and Olof, Jens, Torun and Tadeusz working on the right


For the rest of the weekend, we employed a method called Open Space. The idea about Open Space meetings is to maximize engagement and passion so all participants get as much out of the meeting as possible (a video introduction to Open Spaces can be found below). Everyone was involved in setting an agenda, and then we had three parallell sessions where different aspects of the congress were discussed. By using this method, we hoped to stimulate collaboration between the different working groups so that the congress would feel like one event, and not a series of different ones.



Meeting room

A lovely place to have a meeting, wouldn’t you say?


Just as important as the presentations and open space part of the weekend was the social part. A couple of people cooked the food for the evenings feast together, others went for a run, and some started preparing the sauna. Everyone had also chosen one music track each and written a short explanation for the song, which were either important to themselves and/or for their work with the congress. We all went back from our Solvik weekend with a lot of positive feelings, new ideas about the congress, and a lot of new energy.


Back to Solvik

Seven months after our first joint trip to Solvik, it was time again. A lot had happened in all groups since last, and with just four months to go until our congress we needed to decide on which ideas to move forward with and which to scrap. For this weekend we had brought a lot of material from previous EABCT congresses which everyone could have a closer look at. We had also gotten samples of different congress bags so that everyone could check them out and give their opinions and write down their favorite one.

Just like the first time at Solvik, we started with a series of presentations from all groups, and it was really delightful to see how much everyone had invested in their work! The open space concept was used again, and the focus in the discussions was less on generating new ideas, and more on how to shape our ideas into integrated parts of the congress, and how to best collaborate. The mood and energy was still very good in the group, however with an air of seriousness since everyone knew that there was a lot of things left to do and no time left to postpone anything.

By bringing he organizing group (which is the name we use for all working groups except the Scientific Committee) together for two whole weekends we have become better at working together as one big group. The involvement in the congress from each person working in one of these groups is no less than amazing, and we hope to bring the positive spirit that has defined our time at Solvik to the congress!


Marketing presentation

Frida, Marie, Erica and Kajsa of the Marketing committee giving a presentation

Sponsorship presentation

Sofia, Tadeusz and Amira of the Sponsorship group is presenting

Social activities

Katja, Daniel, Maria and Olof of the Social activities group is giving an update on their work

A waterfront meeting

Big group discussion by the water

2016-04-30 16.38.19

Anneli and Alexander is checking out the congress bag samples to see which will be best for EABCT2016

Group discussions

Sunday morning group discussions


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