Planning the CBT-days – first national meeting of both major CBT associations

The bid to host EABCT 2016 in Stockholm had been presented in Geneva, so it was time for the two swedish CBT-associations to take on the next task – planning a joint national congress. An organising committee was formed and we started by discussing what the congress should be named. On reason for having this congress, besides collaboration between as associations, was to make a stand on the importance of having a solid research base for the treatments that are recommended and implemented in health care. As we were of the opinion that many of the larger national meetings focusing on psychotherapy had a quite “relaxed” (or sometimes even hostile) view on the evidence paradigm, we thought that perhaps a congress titled “Evidence based psychological treatments” would be apt for our meeting, as this would also help build bridges to other types of evidence based therapies besides CBT. In the end though, we decided to name the congress “KBT-dagarna” (the CBT days). The reasons for this was that we wanted the meeting to be in line with the major international congress we were hoping to bring to Stockholm, but also to be able to focus more directly on the members of our two associations. KBT-dagarna, we decided, would only be open to members of SABT or SACBT, which would make it even more relevant to bring up the history of our two associations and the bridges being built between them.


In the organising committee, we thought long and hard on whether to try to bring in international CBT-stars for the meeting, but instead we ended up focusing entirely on swedish clinicians and researchers. We wanted to show the strenght of swedish CBT, and also be able to have as low price as possible so many people could partake. The different organisational backgrounds in each CBT association was clearly present in the organising committee, and this brought up good discussions on how to best work with CBT issues such as influencing policies/lawmakers, socially bringing members together, using local enthusiasm as well as national networks, and much more. All of this would prove to bring very valuable experiences for the organising of EABCT 2016, and the boards of each association was also discussing how to collaborate further besides future congresses. So, as the EABCT 2012 congress in Geneva was drawing nearer, and with it the critical 2GM where the decision would be made if we would be given the honor or hosting EABCT 2016 in Stockholm, the two swedish CBT associations was simultaneously hard at work to plan what we hoped would be a historically important meeting of CBT-professionals.

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