Organization structure, planning and having a great time (+current news)

As the spring of 2013 turned to summer, the steering committee of EABCT2016 was fully formed with eight people. There were 2-4 months between our meetings, and 2016 seemed very far away. With the help of our PCO, we created an action plan for every month up until the congress with detailed information about what needed to be done, and who was responsible for each task. We knew that we didn’t want to rely to heavily on our PCO since we were used to creating congresses on our own, but we also understood that the eight of us in the steering committee couldn’t possibly do everything that we wanted to do for the congress. So we decided that we had to have more working groups, and we shared the task of recruting people to these groups between us.


Relaxed meeting

Erica, Torun, Jens, Björn, Kristoffer and Olof (with Tadeusz behind the camera) planning the congress


Kristoffer and me, who had now been EABCT reps for some years, knew very well how the EABCT congresses are planned and executed. But, many in the steering committee had never been to an EABCT congress, so for the 2013 congress in Marrakech many of us traveled together to learn as much as possible. We asked as many participants as possible about what they liked and disliked with this years, and previous years, EABCT congresses. The answers to our questions, as well as our own impressions of the congress, was recorded in a document which we have returned to many times during the planning of EABCT2016.


Steering committee dinner

Dinner by the sea after a full day of congress planning

Planning a congress of this size takes a lot of time, and everyone in the steering committee are also busy with other aspects of life, such as full-time jobs, and many of us has young children. In order to make it all work, we knew that we needed to have a lot of fun in the planning process. While emails and telephone meetings have their charm, we’ve had the most fun when we got the chance to meet in person – especially since we live in different parts of Sweden. One such meeting was held a weekend in late spring 2014 at the south-eastern coast of Sweden. In a house in Löderups Strandbad we held long meetings planning the work ahead, and in the evening we barbecued and had great times! We really hoped that the lovely atmosphere from our meetings would transfer to the actual congress!


[fast forward to present date]


It’s a great thing, looking back at the past and think about the early steps on this long journey. Right now I’m back in the house where the steering committee met back in 2014, and I can see that we’ve been able to realize many of the plans and dreams we had for the congress. Today, I want to share some news and information about the congress.

First a congress announcement. Right now there are 1700+ registrations for the congress, and 600+ tickets booked for the gala dinner. This means that there are less than 500 tickets left for the congress, and less than 200 for the gala dinner. We really hope that everyone who want’s to come will be able to, but there is a risk that the congress and/or gala dinner will be sold out. Also, the option of paying for the congress using invoice will only work until July 31st, so from August 1 the only option will be payment using a credit card. Please share/forward this information to friends and collegues who might want to come to the congress but haven’t registered yet.

Next I want to tell you about an exciting aspect of the congress. Bring your print thesis to Stockholm – there is room in the open library bookshelf at EABCT-2016!

To help promote CBT research, the EABCT2016 Exposition will have an area in the congress venue dedicated to PhD doctoral theses, where you will find recently published theses, as well as theses published in the past. The “Leave or take a Thesis” bookshelf will open on Wednesday August 31. All congress participants with a PhD degree can leave their thesis at the congress registration desk (one or several copies) and will subsequently be available for reading at the lounging area on Level 5. On the last day of the congress, after lunch Saturday September 3, all theses will be available for the visitors to take home – enabling you to bring with you a more permanent reference to your own shelf at home.

We invite you to collaborate with colleagues all over the world by sharing your thesis on EABCT-2016 Rome wasn’t built in a day, but perhaps the best library of CBT-theses can be built in three?

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