Making a bid and deciding on a venue

Once it was decided that the two swedish CBT-associations wanted to host the EABCT congress in Sweden 2016, we had to investigate how we could make this happen. We found that in EABCT you have to make a formal bid to host a future congress. In a structured bid-document (you can check it out yourself by clicking this link) we had to answer questions about which convention centre we wanted to use, how many rooms of different capacity the centre has, details on audio and visual equipment, catering, transportation in the host city, information on accommodation, climate, planned number of parallell sessions, and much more. At this point in time (fall 2011), we were unsure if we would have enough time to prepare a good bid before the first general meeting of the representantives (1GM) of EABCT in March 2012, but we knew that we had to try. Me and Kristoffer NT Månsson were responsible for the bid, and Kristoffer had the idea to contact tourist officials in Stockholm city to ask for support and guidance. We got a fast reply from Clary Rapp (then Project Manager, today Marketing Manager for Association Meetings, at Stockholm Convention Bureau) and she provided us with all the help we could dream of. Together, we started working on the bid where Clary had all information about Stockholm as a destination, and me and Kristoffer worked on the congress-specific information.

To find the best possible venue, Clary arranged for a day full of convention centre visists in early 2012. We were given tours of Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm City Conference Centre, Kistamässan, as well as Stockholm City Hall where we wished to have a formal reception if possible. All congress centres that we visited would have been suitable for our congress, with different pros and cons for each one, but the one we instantly fell in love with was Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center! We found that the great location next to the Stockholm central station combined with jaw-dropping architecture and modern and configurable congress rooms would make it the ideal choice for EABCT 2016.


19-1-2012 Clary Rapp mfl

After visiting Stockholms congress centres – Björn Paxling, Gustaf Gezelius, Kristoffer NT Månsson and Clary Rapp


Shortly after the visit to all convention centres, we finished our bid and sent it to the EABCT board. Now we could only wait until the 1GM in Geneva March 2012 where we would have an opportunity to present our bid, and also to see if there would be any other competing bids.

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