• Dr. Arthur Freeman
    Dr. Arthur FreemanMidwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Professor Freeman is an early pioneer in CBT and has conducted research and training of therapists for many years. He is the author of the book ” The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make: And How to Avoid Them” and several other books for professionals and lay people.

    • Dr. Terry Wilson
      Dr. Terry WilsonRutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

      Professor Wilson is one of the founders of modern CBT and has worked with eating disorders and related conditions. He was the editor of Behaviour Research and Therapy for many years. Professor Wilson has a longstanding interest in evidence-based approaches including the role of treatment manuals.

      • Dr. Patricia van Oppen
        Dr. Patricia van OppenVU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

        Professor van Oppen has a long track record of innovative CBT research and is an expert in the treatment of OCD. Her group focus on trajectory of anxiety symptoms/diagnoses; specific instrument validation; intiation of new intervention studies in primary and secondary care, and of and treatment and assessement of OCD.

        • Dr. Emily Holmes
          Dr. Emily HolmesMRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

          Professor Holmes has a broad track record of research on mental imagery and emotion. She combines an interest in basic research on the mechanisms behind disorders and clinical applications in the treatment of a range of conditions including mood disorders and PTSD. Professor Holmes has close connections to Sweden and speaks Swedish.

          • Dr. JoAnne Dahl
            Dr. JoAnne DahlUppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

            Professor Dahl is a pioneering researcher on the treatment of epilepsy and severa other applications of behavior therapy for somatic problems (behavioral medicine). She helped introduce acceptance and commitment therapy in Sweden and has been a mentor for numerous young clinicians and researchers in Sweden.

            • Dr. David M Clark
              Dr. David M ClarkUniversity of Oxford, Oxford, UK

              Professor Clark is well known across the world for his work on panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and several other anxiety disorders. He is behind the IAPT (increasing access to psychological treatment) project in the UK which involves large scale training and implemention of CBT. This was recently summarised in the book Thrive, written together with professor Richard Layard.

              • Dr. Arnoud Arntz
                Dr. Arnoud ArntzUniversity of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                Professor Arntz is an expert in personality disorders and anxiety disorders and his work includes both basic and applied research. He is an expert in schema therapy and practice as a clinician. Together with Adam Radomsky he is editor of the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry.

                • Dr. Paul Emmelkamp
                  Dr. Paul EmmelkampUniversity of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                  Professor Emmelkamp is one of the founders of modern CBT and has worked with a range of problems including work of anxiety disorders and personality disorders, but also numerous other areas such as work-related stress, ADHD and early work in the use of the internet in CBT. Together with Edna Foa he was one of the first to focus on failures in behavior therapy.

                  • Dr. Susan Bögels
                    Dr. Susan BögelsUniversity of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                    Professor Bögels is an expert on developmental psychopathology and mindfulness. Her work includes both basic and applied research on  range of clinical conditions including anxiety disorders, insomnia and ADHD. She is also interested in the role of executive function in the outcome of CBT.

                    • Dr. Winfried Rief
                      Dr. Winfried RiefPhilipps University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany

                      Professor Rief is an expert on somatization and medically unexplained symptoms. He is also interested in placeobo and nocebo effects. His works spans over numerous areas in both basic and applied research including treatment trials in behavioral medicine.

                      • Dr. Roz Shafran
                        Dr. Roz ShafranUniversity College London, London, UK

                        Professor Shafran works with perfectionism and has done much research on eating disorders, body image and related aspects. She has a longstanding interest in transdiagnostic approaches to anxiety and eating disorders, but also issues relating to the training of therapist and dissemination of CBT.

                        • Dr. Lars-Göran Öst
                          Dr. Lars-Göran ÖstKarolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

                          Professor Öst is a leading expert on the treatment of phobias, but also work on applied relaxation, anxiety disorders in children and implementation of CBT in regular care. His work for the Swedish CBT community cannot be overestimated and he helped establish CBT education and supervision in Sweden.

                          • Dr. Lance McCracken
                            Dr. Lance McCrackenKing’s College, London, UK

                            Professor McCracken is an expert on the assessment and treatment of chronic pain using theory and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Has has also documented treatment outcome in regular practice and also studies on mediators of outcome in the treatment of chronic pain.

                            • Dr. Anke Ehlers
                              Dr. Anke EhlersUniversity of Oxford, Oxford, UK

                              Professor Ehlers is a leading researcher on PTSD including both basic research and treatment. She is currently working on the mechanisms of change in CBT for PTSD, but also longitudinal studies on anxiety disorders.

                              • Dr. Per Carlbring
                                Dr. Per CarlbringStockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

                                Professor Carlbring is a leading researcher in the field of internet-based CBT and has conducted studies on a range of clinical conditions including both anxiety, mood disorders and pathological gambling. He is the editor of the journal Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

                                • Dr. Judith Beck
                                  Dr. Judith BeckBeck Institute for CBT, Philadelphia, US

                                  Dr Beck has a long track record of innovative work in cognitive therapy including training of therapists. She is the author of the textbook Cognitive therapy: Basics and beyond, and has also written about many other aspects of cognitive therapy.

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