Forming an organising committee

After the success of the CBT-days, our focus gradually shifted back again to the upcoming EABCT congress. A sort of election committee was established with members from the SABT and SACBT boards. The task of this committee was to establish a steering committee for the congress, to define the responsibilities for this group in terms of process and economic boundaries, and also to make clear which roles/functions that the steering committee should have. It was decided that the election committee would also be responsible to make sure that the steering committee followed the EABCT rules, and that the congress actually delievered what was promised in the bid to host the congress. The committee should, it was decided, with regular intervals audit the work of the steering committee.


To make the best suggestions on how to divide the work with the congress in different functions, previous EABCT congress organisers were contacted and interviewed on their work processes. It became clear that many previous congresses had been arranged by a core team of people who often shared workplace, or at least lived in the same city, and who could subsequently have very regular live meetings. In most of the previous congresses that were investigated, a professional congress organiser (PCO) was an important part of the process, so we started taking in offers from PCOs for the Swedish congress as early as we could.


By the end of 2012, most members of the steering committee had been recruited. Important aspects that were considered was to reuse what had worked in terms of collaboration from the CBT-days, and to make sure that both host associations had good representation in the committee. When contacting people who had worked with previous EABCT congresses, we received information about aspects that we ought to be a bit extra careful about, such as which parts of the congress that tends to get unexpectedly expensive. We had taken our first steps on the long journey that will soon be over as the actual congress draws ever nearer, and there was great excitement in the group.

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