Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the congress, and answers to these questions. Can’t find an answer to your question? Then please contact us here.



Am I enitled to the student discount?

The student fee applies to those who are studying fulltime at an undergraduate level or for a master´s degree. It does not apply to anyone who receives a salary related to their work or studies. The student fee also applies if you are a PhD student who does not receive a salary. In Sweden, most PhD students are employed by their university and receives a salary (thus, are not entitled to the student fee) but this may differ from country to country. It is mandatory to provide a proof of student status and all documents will be reviewed manually.

How do I provide proof of my student status?

The easiest way is to upload a scanned student ID (JPG, GIF or PNG file formats – file size limit 500 KB) so make sure you have this file ready before you start the registrations process. If your upload does not work, try a smaller picture, or email the EABCT 2016 Congress Secretariat, eabct2016@mci-group.com or send the proof by ordinary mail to:

EABCT 2016 Congress Secretariat
c/o MCI Nordics
Drottninggatan 97
102 39 Stockholm


Am I eligible for the emerging countries fee?

You are eligible for the emerging countries fee if you have citizenship in one of the countries listed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Developing_country
At a EABCT General Meeting (1GM) in Jerusalem last year, Palestine was added to this list. By indicating which country you come from during the registration, you will automatically be given the correct fee.

Am I a Sponsor, Exhibitor, Keynote speaker, Local Organizing Committee, Invited guest or a Designated representative from an EABCT member association?

Our Sponsors and Exhibitors have all had contact with our head of sponsoring, Tadeusz Jarawka, and have signed a contract with the congress.

All Keynote speakers have had direct contact with our scientific committee and their keynote status has been confirmed in writing.
Local Organizing Committee is a group where the members are actively working with planning the congress and who is known as such by the local steering committee.
Our Invited guests have been personally invited by someone in the local organizing committee.

Designated representative from an EABCT member association is representing one of the associations listed on the EABCT website – please note that this category is meant for representatives of full member association, and not representatives from affiliate member associations.

You will most likely know yourself if you belong to one of these categories, and we check the registrations manually to make sure that everyone in these categories has used it correctly. If you are unsure, please contact the organizing committee and ask before registering.

Can I bring an accompanying person?

You can invite one person to accompany you to the congress. You add this person as “accompanying” when you register for the congress. The cost is ̴155Euro (1425SEK) This includes access to the exhibition and poster area, lunch and coffee/tea during the congress, a badge, and that your accompanying person is welcomed to join the opening cermony and the reception at Stockholm City Hall. (Both receptions require that you indicate in the registration that your accompanying person wishes to attend these. Please note that the number of tickets to the receptions are limited.) You can also buy a ticket for the galadinner for your accompanying person (price ̴100Euro).

Can I register on-site in Stockholm on the day of the congress?

Yes, you can register on-site if you wish, but only if we still have tickets left. There are less than 500 tickets left for the congress (one month before the congress), so we can not guarantee that there will be tickets left. You can read more about on-site registration here.


What is included in the congress fee?

A lot of things! Please visit here for detailed information.

Which dates are the workshops and the congress?

The congress will be officially opened in the evening of August 31, and it will then run from september 1-3. During the day of August 31 there will be full-day pre-congress workshops which comes at an additional cost (thus are not included in the congress fee). During the congress (september 1st  to 3rd) there will be half-day in-congress workshops (running both before and after lunch), about half of these will be free and half will come at an additional cost.

How much can I expect to find in the program, how many parallel sessions?

The exact program is yet to be determined, but the plan is to offer between 12 and 15 parallel session.

Why isn’t the congress programme online already since the registration has opened?

The congress program will mainly consist of presentations/symposia/panel discussions/posters and clinical roundtables that have been submitted to the congress. Since the abstract submission is still open there is still time for more presentations to be added to the program, and after the deadline for the abstract submission has passed begins the daunting task of reviewing all abstracts before a final program can be made. Expect a final programme in early summer.

How can I be a part of the congress program?

The most common way to be part of the program is to submit an abstract in our portal here. We also offer the sponsoring of specially marked presentations here. If none of these alternatives fit your proposed presentation, please contact us here to discuss this further.

How much does the workshops cost?

About half of the in-congress workshops are included in the congress registration fee. The pre-congress full-day workshops costs ~€100 for students and people from emerging countries, ~€135 for members and ~€160 for non-members. The half-day in-congress workshops that are not free costs ~€50 for students and people from emergin countries, ~€75 for members and ~€85 for non-members. Since our congress economy is based on Swedish Crowns, our local currency, please be advised that there might be minor fluctuations in the price since the prices are based on this local currency.

Can I take part of a workshop without registering for the entire congress?

No, the workshops (both pre-congress and in-congress) are only open to those who register for the congress.

What does the different types of scientific program points mean?

Clinical roundtable: Clinical roundtables are clinical case discussions illustrating a clinical problem. Presenters can present an anonymised case, focusing on specific topics. One person is required to present the case and up to 3 people can comment on the case.

In-congress workshop: In-congress workshops are half-day skills based workshops and they take place during the congress dates, 1st to 3rd of September.

Pre-congress workshop: Pre-congress workshops are one-day skills based workshops. All the pre-congress workshops takes place at the Waterfront Congress Center, 31st of August 2016.

Open paper: Open papers are oral presentations with a typical time allocations of 15 to 20 minutes. The Scientific Committee will organize and group open papers based on related clinical or theoretical topic/issue.

Panel discussion: Panel discussions are chaired by an active discussant that introduces different topics to de debated by

Poster: Posters are visual presentations of clinical or research material. Click here to read more about our poster guidelines…

Symposium outline: Symposium includes multiple presentations by 4 to 5 speakers. Most commonly, a symposium consists if a chair, individual presenters and a discussant. A symposium should consist of at least 3 presentations, which should last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Symposia paper: If you were invited to participate in a symposium, and the convenor/chair have provided you with a certain code, you should submit your abstract via this form. If you wish to submit an individual paper and give an oral presentation, see Open paper.

See also our full guidelines for submitting an abstract to the different types of content in the programme, click here


Which social activities will be offered during the congress?

The social activities which you can register for at the moment is the opening reception, the reception at the Stockholm City hall, and the Gala dinner. More social activities will be added to the registration before summer. Please click here for more information.

How much will the social activities cost?

The opening reception and the reception at the Stockholm City hall are free of charge, while the Gala dinner costs ~€100. The prices of the other social activities will be made known once it is possible to register for these activities.


How can I afford this, isn’t Sweden extremely expensive?

Sweden is affordable, and costs are roughly the same as in other norther European cities. A typical meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about €9.50, a ticket on the local transportation such as a bus will cost around €2.50-3.00, and you won’t have to buy bottled water since the tap water is excellent. At the moment the swedish currency has weakened compared to the Euro, so right now the workshops at the congress are a bit cheaper than listed for example. To read more on the costs in Sweden, please refer to: www.numbeo.com

Is Stockholm city safe?

According to the Economist (2015), Stockholm is the safest city in Europe – safecities.economist.com. It is generally safe to walk alone in the city both during day- and nighttime, and practically everyone speaks English and are willing to help you out if you need directions. As in most bigger cities, you’d do wise to hold onto your wallet in the Central Station, but other than that Stockholm will offer you a relaxing and exciting time, without you having to look over your shoulder.

What kind of weather can I expect during the congress?

The congress will be held in late summer when the daily average temperature is around 17 degrees, which will go down to about 10 degrees in the nights. Record high temperatures for the period of the year is 28-35 degrees. The sun will be up from about 6 in the morning until 20 in the evening. Speaking of the weather, this might be the place to bring up that Stockholm is one of the cleanest capitals in the world!


How do I go from the airport to the city center?

Read here

How does the local transportation system work?
Read here


Will the early fee period be extended?

No, the early fee period will expire after March 31, and the regular congress fee will be applied on April 1.

I have submitted an abstract, but will not receive a response until after the early fee period is over. Won’t you extend it for me?

No. The early fee rate is a special rate for those who chose to register early for the congress and it runs out March 31. The deadline for poster abstracts is April 28, and depending on how many submissions are received, this deadline could be extended further. After the submission deadline has passed, the task of reviewing all abstracts is started, and then letters will be sent to everyone who has submitted an abstract. The early fee period would have to be extended to late May, possibly even to June, in order for everyone who will present at the congress to receive the early fee. We believe that a registration three months before the congress is not an early registration, and thus should not be included in the early fee.

What is the reasoning behind the different congress fees?

We have made every effort to have the emerging countries fee as low as possible, and this fee will not change after the early fee period runs out. We have also made sure to have as low fee for students as possible, even though this is slightly higher than the emerging countries fee, and is raised after the early fee period is over. The member- and non-member fees follow the norms in international CBT congress fees and we are making every effort to make sure that there is great value for money for the congress fee. The reason for providing an early fee is to have as many registrations as possible well ahead of the congress so we as congress organisers can estimate the total income of the congress and adjust our expenditure accordingly.

What are the rules regarding cancellation of my congress registration?

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing to the congress secretariat. Cancellation of registration will be accepted until 20th of May, 2016, up to which date the total amount will be refunded less a cancellation fee of SEK 600 (approximately €60). For cancellations after 20th of May, 2016 no refund will be made. All refunds will be processed after the Congress.

What are the rules regarding cancellation of my registration for workshops and/or gala dinner?

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing to the congress secretariat. Cancellation of registration for workshops and/or gala dinner will be accepted until 20th of May, 2016, up to which date the total amount will be refunded (no cancellation fee for workshops or gala dinner). For cancellations after 20th of May, 2016 no refund will be made. All refunds will be processed after the Congress.

Can I transfer my congress registration, workshop registration, gala dinner reservation and/or City hall reception to someone else?

Your congress registration, workshops registration, and gala dinner reservation can be transfered to someone else without any additional cost until the start of the congress. The registration to the City Hall reception is not transferable to someone else, so if you transfer your congress registration the City Hall reception registration will be automatically cancelled.

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