End of blog post – Following the congress registrations

In the beginning of 2016, after many years of preparations, countless meetings and high expectations, it was time for one of the most crucial part of the congress – opening the oneline registration and seeing if people would really want to come to Stockholm. The first registrations came in right after the registration opened, and we felt thankful. This was mid January, and during the coming month there were about 50 people who registered for the congress. Since it was hard to judge if this was a good pace or not, we consulted someone with more experience than us. Rod Holland, past president of EABCT, provided us with statistics from previous congresses, where we could see how many of the total congress participants had registered during different time periods. We used this to make different estimates on the total number of participants for EABCT2016.


It was easy to develop an almost compulsive behaviour at this point in time, checking the registrations many times every day to see if anything had happaned. The next month, from mid February to mid March, saw another 140 registrations, bringing up the total to almost 200. Now we were in for an exciting ride, as the period for reduced congress fee (so called “early bird fee”) would run out after March 31. Our excitement grew in the week leading up to the deadline, as more and more registrations came in. Then it happened really really fast! During the last four days of March, 520 people registered for the congress, bringing us to a total of almost 1000 participants! We were really really happy and felt gratitude towards everyone who had registered early, giving us an opportunity to realize more of the dreams we’ve had for the congress.


But, we all know what comes after March 31, right? Yes, April 1, aprils fools’ day. This year, the congress vice president Kristoffer really got us good. He sent an email early in the morning, informing us that there had been a technical error, and that many of the registrations we had received were for another congress, and that our PCO (professional congress organizer) were working on sorting it out. I immediately went into problem-solving mode, and called our project leader to discuss the situation. She didn’t know what I was talking about, and it took us a while to understand that we had been fooled. Devious and brilliant, Kristoffer. In the end, we did loose a number of the registrations, more specifically about 65 registrations that we had by the end of March turned out to be from people who chose to pay the congress fee using invoice, and they never paid despite multiple reminders, so their registrations were eventually deleted.


After the early fee deadline frenzy, I started worrying that perhaps we wouldn’t get any more registrations, that everyone had seen our marketing and decided to register early. It turned out that my worries were exaggerated, or even false, since we’ve continued to receive many more registrations. Today, five days before the congress, over 1800 people are registered and planning to come to Stockholm

And, now the time has come to end this blog. In a number of posts, we have looked into the roots of the congress, and next week it’s time for the congress to bloom. We hope that everyone will have a nice trip to Stockholm, we’ll see you soon!



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