EABCT Geneva and 2GM (29/8-1/9 2012)

As we boarded our planes to Geneva for the 2012 EABCT congress, we were confident that we had done everything we could to make a good bid, but we were still nervous about how the vote would go. It felt nice to be back in Geneva again six months after we had presented the bid here, and it’s always a pleasure to be a part of an EABCT congress. The opening ceremony drew a large audience and we appreciated that all three Swiss CBT associations had collaborated in organising the congress.

EABCT2012 opening

The opening ceremony of EABCT 2012 in Geneva

The scientific program pushed the EABCT standard even further, but we had a hard time focusing on anything except the critical 2GM. On Friday August 31st it was time, and (now former) EABCT president Rod Holland opened the meeting. The representatives and board voted to give the associations from Ukraine and Montenegro full membership, and the Canadian and Maroccan CBT associations was approved for affiliate memberships (thus boosting the number of affiliate members by 200% since Lebanon was the only previous affiliate member).

EABCT board

The EABCT board during the 2012 2GM

When it was time for voting which association would be host for EABCT 2016, we were in for a surprise. The only competing bid, the Bulgarian, had been withdrawn. So, with now competition, the vote was unanimously in our favour, and the two swedish associations was now officially the hosts for the congress. This vote meant that we were in for many years of close collaboration between our associations, and just a week after the EABCT congress the collaborative capacity would be put to the test with the first CBT-days.

Kristoffer from Sweden

Kristoffer NT Månsson, representative of SACBT, is happy about the 2016 EABCT congress coming to Sweden


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