Contract signing in Marrakech and steering committee meeting in Uppsala, 2013

2013 was a special year for EABCT, as the annual congress was then held in Marrakesh, Morocco. One of the reasons for this was to help spreading CBT to more parts of the world. EABCT was also a part of establishing a pan African network of CBT  since there was no umbrella association like EABCT in Africa working to help support and develop CBT in the different African countries.


Board and reps at 2013 1GM

The 1GM of 2013 in Marrakesh, at the far end we see Antonio, Pierre, Thomas, Rod and Helen of the board, and reps on the side tables

Fantastic ceiling

Probably the nicest ceiling ever of a EABCT general meeting.


Since the EABCT congress was to be held in Marrakech, then naturally the 1GM in March was also held there. For us two swedish representatives this was the first time after the vote to have the congress in Sweden (from Geneva 2012) that we would meet the board and the reps again. A formal contract between the swedish associations and the EABCT was signed. We were very eager to hear about others reps experiences of hosting an EABCT congress and we received much valuable information and recommendations.


Contract signing for EABCT2016

Antonio Pinto of the EABCT board signing the contract with the swedish reps

In Marrakesh we also had quite a lot of time to do some planning, and a list was made of all the “wild ideas” for the congress that we could think of – since there was a lot of time left until our congress we tried to not hold ourselves back in the kind of ideas we came up with. Looking back at this document today, we can see that some of these ideas stuck and are incorporated in the congress, whereas others have been deemed to complicated and/or costly during the years of planning. The bond between us swedish reps was further strengthened as Björns luggage was lost by the airline, and Kristoffer was nice enough to lend him clothes during the first days in Marrakech.


Tour of congress centre

The board and reps are given a tour of the congress centre for EABCT 2013 in Marrakech

Two weeks after the 1GM in Marrakech, it was time for the annual congress of SABT in Sweden. The congress was held in the Uppsala University main building  which is an impressive historical building. The steering committee held a first live meeting in an extravagant room well suited for the occasion. Among other items, we discussed signing a contract with a professional congress organizer (PCO), which system to use for handling abstracts, and how to proceed in order to get a graphical profile of the congress. Important values for the committee was also discussed, for instance having a good gender balance in the keynote lineup. The theme of the congress was preliminarily called “Roots and grassroots of CBT” at this point in time.


Steering committee meeting

Olof, Jens, Torun, Björn, Tadeusz and Kristoffer of the EABCT2016 steering committee in Uppsala

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